savinds and credit society for : market vendors

The goal of this is to fill the gap in service delivery in this sector to enable women begin, operate and improve on their small businesses as well as train them in entrepreneurship for self – reliance and growth leading to enhanced high quality of life for life for themselves, their families, community and society.
Uganda government’s key priorities today include uplifting women’s status and raising Household incomes – therefore it has “PROSPERITY FOR ALL” policy and programme, meaning this development is line with current and future national interest.
ii) At the same time, to achieve PROSPERITY FOR ALL Vision, it became evident that people must be organized in groups, allowing wide exchange of ideas, roles and responsibilities, plus Accountability on Resources allocated, besides need for programme to have maximum and outcomes. The strong membership position in this project allows it to represent the type to organization the Uganda Government for all at grassroots to promote its prosperity for all initiative.Without such arrangements programme fails and nobody is left to account for as are common experience throughout Uganda of community and other projects.

Without such arrangements programme fails and nobody is left to account for as are common experience throughout Uganda of community and other projects.
iii) Community partnership and teamwork for management of this project are in place.
iv) Beneficiary members and individuals for this project know their business well and are well- known to each other thus ensuring better programme delivery.
Women in;
a) Communities work and area organized to viable groups. This was done through mobilizations, discussions and trainings in different topics in group work so that they would be empowered as well as strong links and understanding built uniting members of same and similar groups.
b) Groups were trained and adjusted to meet pre-conditions of applying for qualifying and receiving credits from Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs) for example all MFIs require that clients open up accounts with them and begin to save. MWATF does this by encouraging members to mobilize and save, getting used to the savings culture. At the same time these group members face barriers in Homes food shortage, diseases, large or broken homes.
c) Helping women and communities access market with better prices for their products. Also to reach out better suppliers for the products they deal in. emphasis is on eliminating MIDDLEMAN PROFITS in their business, thus increase profit margins in their business.

Energy saving cooking stoves project

As an Entrepreneurship (small business) support organization. MWATF also gives help to the Business training session to Women in different areas. among the skills we train people are energy stove making, tailoring, baking and home gardening skills. these are intended to empower women and PWLH have some means to generate some income but also look after their children for those that their fathers deserted. women/girls are trained in group by MWATF skills development team in different communities of need.