HIV/AIDS Sensitization and Prevention

The minority with stable fat income if diagnosed HIV/AIDS use the money to transmit the virus at the highest alarming rate. Students both male and female are victims to rich aged groups, men run after almost every girl by use of the same devise “MONEY”. That is why MWATF massively preach HIV/AIDS “Evangilo” to primary, secondary, institutions, communities more especially the young girls, women so as to save the citizen of Uganda. This need of HIV/AIDS prevention programme need existence in the areas of rural, urban, islands, lake shores and armed forces. There is a gap between parents and children, parents shy away of teaching their own daughters and sons how HIV is transmitted from one person to another. In African culture it sounds ridiculous a parent to stage this lesson to their own children so they prefer to get someone else to do this for them . But who? Of course no one is ready to visit all homes. Another problem is ignorance and other cultural beliefs about the disease. That is why we feel bound to take the shield and guide the parents and youth by educating them how HIV is transmitted, streamline and flashlight on cultural ceremonies like the heir taking the deceased’s wife / husband, polygamy, intermarriages. Nansana, Lugazi, Mukono towns and other trading centres habours many people and various activities have drawn people from their rural to come to these towns their population is dominated by female, youth, business people and adults there is scarcity in male youth and men in the districts. This scarcity is due to wars that previously targeted them, fornication, adultery, sodomy, lesbianism, are gaining grounds every morning. There is a struggle for the scarce men by women, school dropouts, girls, places of amusement and various clubs are dominated in the community in every event if not sensitized HIV/AIDS is transmitted whenever the two sexes meet for unprotected sex.

Reproductive Health and PMTCT

MWATF has been providing HIV counseling and testing in areas of work particulary Mukono and Nansana with help of Governement health services. we have has built capacity of Community teams in provision of quality HCT. we employ different approaches in HCT targeting different most at risk populations. From moonlight HCT among sex workers, track drivers to community camping, HCT for fishing communities, Boda boda cyclists, to home based counseling for couples and family members to stand alone HCT for general population as well as self referral for those who believe they are at risk.MWATF also in its outreaches, provides a Tent where pregnant mothers can go for HCT as well as women and girls of reproductive age group, for HIV counseling and family planning counseling. Pregnant mothers found positive are referred to public health facilities facilities for more care. As a strategy to reduce HIV incidence, sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies amongst vulnerable young men and women aged engaged in transient trades (bar tenders, boda boda cyclists, shoe shines), MWATF uses a sexual and reproductive health and rights approach. Among the services given are Family Planning, Post Abortion Care, Cervical Cancer Screening, SGBV Services, Safe Motherhood and Comprehensive Sexual Education.